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About Museum

"Akmola Regional Local History Museum" is one of the oldest cultural enterprises of region was founded in 1920 as local history museum in Kokshetau in the district departament of public education, as a museum of visual aids.

There were 130 subjects of historical importance in initial endowment , gathered by school collections

Exhibits were presented to visitors in one of the rooms in departament of public education. 6 years later museum arrived in separately allocated building - 4 rooms house in Sovietskaya street 89 (now M . Auezov street)

Since January 1945 the district museum became the Kokshetau regional local history museum in connection with foundation of Kokshetau region in 1944. In those days museum was situated in former mosque building in the center of the town.

Since 1974 museum is situated in the building not far from central sguare of Kokshetau. Museum is a Monument of history and architecture , which is under state protection. It is 2 floors brick building , built in 1904.

In 2000 Museum received the status of Akmola Regional Local History Museum, because Kokshetau became the center of Akmola region.

The first large -scale reconstruction was carried out in 2012.

In 2018 the hall of modern history "Elbasy zhane Tauelcisdik" which demonstrates the history of Independent Kazakstan, its achievments and a great historical role of the First President N. Nazarbayev, and also the open-air-museum "Botai-Burabay " , which fully reveals the Eneolithic era , was opened.

In 2019 the reconstructionof museum with using of new innovatio technology was spent.

The Akmola Regional Local History Museum receives visitors after re-exposition since January 6. 2020.

Today collections of museum on history, archeology,ethnography, nature and culture of region include 83000 exhibits, the best of them are presented in new exhibition halls.

  • Hall of Nature.
  • Hall of "Natural history"
  • Hall of "Great steppe civilization"
  • Hall of "History of Akmola region XlX"
  • Hall of " History of Akmola region XX c"
  • Hall of " History of modern Kazakhstan "Elbasy zhane Tauelcisdik".
  • Showroom.

Akmola regional local history museum has 7 branches:

1. Atbasar's local history museum.

2. Literary museum of I. Esenberlin.

3.Marinovka's local history museum

4. Ereymentau's local history museum.

5.Stepnogorsk' local history museum.

6. Shuchinsk' local history museum.

7. Museum of history of Burabay ( open-air-museum "Botai-Burabay").